CAD Services for EV Charging Infrastructure

Assisting companies meet the demand for EV Charging Infrastructure by providing Lease Plans , Site Location Plans and CAD support services.
drawing services for EV Electrical Vehicle charging

Drawings for EV Charging Infrastructure

The Governments recent Rapid Charging Fund announced plans to roll out 6,000 new Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging points across A-roads and motorways by 2035. CADmando have already played an active part in providing CAD services to companies, producing drawings which can be used for Legal purposes; Lease Plans, Option plans, Site Location Plans to name a few.

'...we provide a flexible service tailored to suit your workflow. All of our drawings are produced to meet Legal requirements, produced to the highest degree of accuracy and on a Land Registry approved Ordnance Survey (OS) Base Map'

Richard Wearn, Senior Design Director
CADmando are looking to provide your business with the support it needs to deliver Legal drawings to a suitable and professional standard to compliment your in-house project management team and to help get your next EV charging point scheme over the line.



A lease is a contract outlining the terms under which one party agrees to rent property owned by another party. It guarantees the lessee, also known as the tenant, use of an asset and guarantees the lessor, the property owner or landlord, regular payments for a specified period in exchange.
A Lease Plan provides supplementary documentation to the Lease agreement, clarifying and indentifying certain aspects of the Lease agreement such as the boundary of the leased area within the context of a Land Registry compliant Base Map. CADmando produce Lease Plans to be compliant with the 2002 Land Registry Guidelines.


A site Location Plan is a zoomed out plan, usually required on an OS Open Map and shows the location of the site boundary in relation to the wider context of the area.
The Plan is required to show the name of at least 2 major road names so that the location of the site is easy identifiable. CADmando produce all of our plans to be compliant with the 2002 Land Registry Guidelines.


Master Plans are a useful internal tool. Not necessarily submitted for planning or legal purposes. Their intention is to act as a communication tool for everything that has been considered for the project installation
This Plan therefore may contain additional information which is not required to be submitted as part of the Legal documentation but still remains useful for clarity on certain aspects of the project.


Here's a snaphot of some of our recent projects.......

3D Visualisation

JULY 9, 2018
A 3D Visualisation can be an invaluable tool for many reasons. We created a collection of 3D renders for this impressive glazed residential property so that the client could make informed decisions about the design that they might not have been able to make having looked at just the 2D drawings from the Architect. The images were also used to support the planning application.

BIM Model creation

May 18, 2015
We have been busy in the 'CADmando Labs' helping manufacturers to meet their BIM strategy by creating BIM objects for their products. Manufacturers are realising the benefits of supplying Revit families for their products to designers leading to an increase in likelihood that they will be specified for a project that their models are integrated into at design stage.

Planning Drawings

March, 2018
We have loved working on this Grade II listed property. An impressive Regency Villa located in the heart of Cheltenham. We have assited in providing a full suite of drawings to support various planning applications at various stages of an impressive reinstatement of a gorgeous home. Typical drawings include Existing / Proposed Plans, Elevations and construction details


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