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Retain original site plan info using WIPEOUT
There are probably dozens of ways CAD users will use this command but for us we like to use it to retain the original site plan information when we drop an extension or new building onto an existing site plan. 

How many of us are guilty for trimming the existing site plan info around the new build / extension, losing any details that might have been on the original site plan? 

By using the WIPEOUT command you can create a polygon shape with as many sides as you like and it will simply hide the information behind it so that you can still access it if need be. 

To initiate this command. Type WIPEOUT in the command line prompt and press enter

You will then be instructed to create your polygon shape. Right click / Enter to confirm shape, once confirmed the polygon shape will blank or 'wipe' out any information behind it. 

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AutoCAD - Auto Saving Pdf's
Are you guilty of not keeping your PDF files up to date with your dwg files? we are! This handy tip should prevent this from happening now on.
AutoCAD has a function to automatically publish to PDF and DWF and you can choose either one. 
To incorporate this function open AutoCAD options.
In the 'PLOT AND PUBLISH' tab you can enable AUTO PUBLISH on the bottom left of the dialog menu. Then click 'AUTOMATIC PUBLISH SETTINGS' and change them to suit your requirements......: Under heading 'PUBLISH ON' here you can auto publish every time you save the drawing , when its closed or when AutoCAD asks. As we save often save we dont recommend having it set to publish on save, as it may be saved when your drawing is work in progress and wouldn't be ideal to send them like this to clients. On this menu you can also set the save location, what to save (model and /or layouts) and file formats. 

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Autodesk Pixlr named 1 of Google Plays best apps 2012
The Android version of Autodesks Pixir Express was named as one of Google Plays best apps of 2012. 

The app is very easy to use and at the same time very powerful. Some of its features include quick filters, borders, cropping and effects. 

The express version is an update to Auotdesks pixlr-o-matic that has several preset filters etc. The express version has more options than the later. 

If you like the freedom to spruce up your picyures on your Android phone and share with friends and family, this is the app for you!!

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